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Traveling has been our passion for several years. With each subsequent journey, we have a greater and greater hunger to discover the world. In addition to visiting interesting places, we discover local dishes and tastes with great pleasure. We run after our dreams and day by day we are getting closer to their realization. We spend a lot of time and energy to develop a blog, YouTube channel or other social media – it gives us a lot of pleasure and it has become part of our day.

Our blog is aimed at people who like to spend time actively and organize trips around the world on their own. We have visited many places in Europe and beyond, from which we create blog entries, videos and vlogs for our YouTube channel, post daily reports on Facebook and photos on Instagram. We inspire you to travel, discover new places and advise you on how to plan your dream trip.

Forms of cooperation – What do we offer?

If you are interested in working with us, write to us and together we will think about how we can help promote your product or service. We can guarantee full professionalism and a reliable and timely approach to cooperation. We approach each project individually and with full commitment.

We are open to all forms of cooperation that fit into our work and will bring benefits to your company and our audience.

In cooperation with your brand, we will create an blog entry or a series of entries on a topic consistent with our beliefs and broadly understood traveling.

We will test the equipment that will accompany us on the expedition. In addition, we will organize photo sessions and provide you with photos of products in an interesting environment.

We will make a video using your products, which will be woven into the stories of our journey.

We will visit a place that you would like to show the world on a YouTube video, post or on social media. We will also create reviews of attractions, hotels and accommodation. We will prepare a blog entry, social media coverage and a promotional video.

We will prepare and publish sponsored posts on our social media – Instagram and Facebook.

We are flexible and open to cooperation that is related to the topic of travel. If you have interesting ideas, we’d love to hear about them.

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